From Antiques and Art in Victoria

VINTAGE BAZAAR evolves from antique centre.

“The world financial opportunity€ over the last year has seen many businesses change the way in which they operate. In general the Australian Antiques and Vintage wares industry has not been immune from the consequences of the downturn in the world economy.(it is commonly agreed that Antiques are items that are over 100 years of age, therefore the term Vintage Wares encompasses all wares that are second-hand and less than 100 years old.)

One of the hardest hit areas of the antique trade has been with quality Victorian and Edwardian furniture .Put it this way, now is the time to buy!! There are some wonderful bargains out there for people who wish to furnish their homes with quality functional furniture (that happens to be antique) and will cost a fraction of the price of the equivalent identical new piece of furniture.

When HEIDELBERG ROAD Antiques and Collectables Centre opened three years ago the prospects for consistent and increasing sales of antique furniture were strong. This year has seen a change in direction for demand in furniture, with strong and increasing demand for twentieth century furniture. This includes all styles and eras from 1910 until 1990. Whether it’s art deco,(always strong), to French provincial, to olde worlde, through to Australian and Danish Retro, and of course late C20th decorative items the centre has seen a boost in sales in these areas.

HEIDELBERG ROAD, from day one has had a wonderful trade in collectables, bric-a-brac, jewellery, vintage clothing, ephemera,”brocante”, objet d’art and a plethora of items that are given as gifts to one and all, “gift heaven”. It is not uncommon for browsers to spend up to an hour browsing through all of the bric-a-brac and collectables cabinets; there are 70 display cabinets in total. From time to time clients tell us that they have come in to” escape” the rush of their world and just chill out in our “wonderful showroom€.

Having watched the changing demand for “antique furniture” and the consistent demand for Twentieth Century items, and having done a stock take on the actual make up of the age of the stock at HEIDELBERG ROAD, management came to the realisation that HEIDELBERG ROAD was really a VINTAGE BAZAAR. This was because at least 55% of the stock was not older than 100 years of age.

Having a large volume of antique furniture made it look like an antique centre. Recently management and dealers have organised a successful marketing campaign and the majority of the antique furniture has passed on to some very happy clients.

From JULY 2009 HEIDELBERG ROAD will cease marketing itself as an antique centre. It will, like some of the iconic bazaars in Melbourne still have a wonderful and varied range of Antique furniture, collectables, bric-a- brac and objet d’art. It will hence forth market and promote itself as VINTAGE BAZAAR (a registered business name) and within a few months time offer its products for viewing on www.vintage dealers are excited about these changes and have given overwhelming support for them.

Management and dealers are embracing the  NEW MANAGEMENT€ style that is opening up the opportunities for all dealers and collectors of Twentieth century wares, in all price ranges. Clear labelling of all stock will continue to be one of the many standout hallmarks of the bazaar. Staffing will continue to be professional with only employed dealers and managers in attendance. The dealers will be free to present their wares in their own idiosyncratic ways in order to create a BAZAAR atmosphere. Individuality, creativity and a free hand to present a broad range of stock that is readily saleable will be encouraged. Prospective dealers are now urged to come in and grab an area or cabinet at reasonable rental as quickly as you can. A Cafe will be developed in the entranceway, with the facility to use the 16-meter long veranda to really set off the BAZAAR ATMOSPHERE. A world of opportunity is available at the HEIDELBERG ROAD VINTAGE BAZAAR. With a new and enthusiastic management style which embraces positive changes, a wonderful track record of strong sales to a huge and growing client base, daily unsolicited compliments from browsers and clients alike, and professional acknowledgement from many dealers in the trade, both local interstate and overseas the HEIDELBERG ROAD VINTAGE BAZAAR is on the map.”